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The Energy Transition: Gearing Up for the Smarter Grid – Part 1

Visions of 2040: What’s in Store for the Energy Industry?

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Rapid change these days has become a way of life. A lot will happen in the next twenty years. There will be considerable advances in technology, transformations in consumer preferences, new business models and continuing efforts to address climate risks. It is also clear that energy systems will need to adapt, perhaps in radical ways, to support new realities.

Questions addressed in this webinar:

  • What will the future energy ecosystem look like?
  • Will decarbonization lead to renewable or green hydrogen fueled transportation and heating?
  • What is the role of the grid edge?
  • Will industrial parks or rural communities become self-sufficient, using a combination of locally sited renewables, storage, demand response and electric vehicles as “sources” of energy?
  • Will non-utility aggregators of demand and distributed generation become major players in the energy ecosystem?

Join two experts in energy systems and economics in exploring how future scenarios will shape our energy systems and what the industry will need to be ready for. There will be opportunities for audience interaction during the webinar.

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Phillip Cornell

Principal at The Economist Intelligence Unit
Senior Fellow, Atlantic Council

Read Phillip Cornell's Biography

Phillip Cornell leads the Public Policy and Thought Leadership consulting practice in the Americas. He is also a Senior Fellow at the Atlantic Council Global Energy Center specializing in energy and foreign policy, global energy markets, and international energy governance, and has served as an advisor to the World Bank, the US government, and private sector institutions.

Prior to joining the Atlantic Council, Mr. Cornell held senior advisory and management positions at Saudi Aramco (Senior Corporate Planning Advisor), the International Energy Agency (Senior Advisor to the Executive Director), and NATO (NSO Director of International Programs; SG Energy Security Task Force).

Mr. Cornell has held research positions at the Naval Postgraduate School (Monterey), the Royal United Services Institute (London), and the Center for International Security and Cooperation (Stanford), and authored various publications and articles on international energy security, economics, and governance. He holds Masters degrees with distinction in International Economics (energy) from the Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies, and received his BA cum laude in International Relations from Stanford University.


Michael Weinhold

Head of Technology and Innovation
Siemens Smart Infrastructure

Read Michael Weinhold's Biography

Michael Weinhold deals with leading-edge technologies in the fields of power grids, intelligent buildings and the use of digitalization to interconnect them. His area of responsibility also includes data analysis and artificial intelligence, as well as power electronics and network security.

He started his career with Siemens as a system planning engineer in 1993, then project manager and commissioning engineer for medium and high voltage FACTS Controllers. Since 2004 Michael has been leading the Technology and Innovation Department of the Power Transmission and Distribution Division (2004-2008), Energy Sector (2008-2014) and Energy Management Division (2014-2019) of Siemens.

Mr. Weinhold is an executive board member of the German industry association Bitcom. He was Adjunct Professor at the Danish Technical University from 2011 until 2017. He studied Electrical Engineering at Ruhr-University Bochum, Germany and Purdue University, USA and obtained his doctorate degree at the Institute of Generation and Application of Electrical Energy, Ruhr-University in 1993.

Siemens named him “Inventor of the Year” in 1997 and “Top Innovator” in 2008.



Jill Feblowitz

Read Jill Feblowitz's Biography

Jill Feblowitz is an internationally recognized expert in the energy industry. With over 30 years of experience as an electrician, analyst and consultant, Jill has provided policy, business strategy and technical advice to energy providers, energy end users and government entities.  She understands the impacts of game-changers (renewables, distributed energy resources, EVs, smart buildings and green hydrogen) on how energy is generated and delivered in a safe, secure, efficient and sustainable way.  Energy companies will emerge as industry leaders if they take advantage of rapid advances in information and operational technology such as IoT, analytics, Big Data, automation, and edge computing.

In her career, Feblowitz has lead teams of engineers, programmers, economists, analysts, and researchers to deliver services and consulting projects to the energy industry.  Ms. Feblowitz is a widely published writer and frequent speaker at industry conferences.  She holds a S.B from MIT and an electrician’s license.


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